Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mike the Poet: "Alive at LMU"

HERE is a little poetic reprise from our guest last night, Mike Sonksen, better known as, Mike the Poet. Sonksen has worked variously as a journalist, teacher and L.A. tour guide. Los Angeles is not only his hometown, but his mighty subject and his muse.

Stay tuned to this space, and I will reblog Sonksen's "Favorite L.A. Books" reading list.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy spoken word, or spoken poetry, and identify with Mike The Poet and the idea that a hometown can provide inspiration, become one's muse, and transform silent wisps of thought into concrete, tangible vehicles of expression. This is my own hometown spoken poem, written a good while back, but still very relevant today. Cheers!

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